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So....I am looking at our State Standards and I know they are about to change to Common Core, which I am excited to implement this year. However, the Social Studies standards are staying the same. At out school, we have 4 units each year. There are 3 science based units (dinosaurs, bugs and weather) and 1 social studies unit (Native Americans/American History). We share the units with 2-3 other teachers, we have 14 second grade teachers this year! I have the social studies unit first quarter. I knew that a certain standard needed to be covered but just thought I would check, and it is. I need to teach 2nd graders about the North and South Pole and the Equator, but also longitude and latitude. WOW! When I get them, half of them can't read a clock to the hour correctly and I need to explain 360 degrees around a sphere? Tough Task? Not with the crafty, smart bloggers out there!

Here is what I found: Montessori Mom

There are longitude/latitude balloon demonstration, games and printable maps! Check it out and see what you think!!


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