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The Students are Coming!

The students are coming! The students are coming!

Does anyone else get overly excited when they get their class list? Oh my gosh, I got my list yesterday. So stinking happy that the students are coming!! I still miss my class from last year but I am finally moving past that and looking forward. Plus, bonus! I have a little brother and a cousin of past students, so I already know them....love that!!

13 girls and 12 boys...so far! The lists always change but right now I am in teacher bliss. It a fresh new school year, the possibilities are endless and I get to meet 25 new friends in 8 more days! It's going to be a fantastic year!

I am adding a couple of my binder add-ins. I have to give kudos to Listy Listerstine (she knows who she is) because she had a creative hand in a few things. So if they seem wordy, blame Listy :) Use them as is or email if you would like a editable copy!


Binder Explanation (We have a CAMPing theme this year)


Tamara L. Chilver July 18, 2011 at 12:06 AM  

I love your excitement! Your new students will be blessed by having you as their teacher.

Happy blogging!

Teaching Blog Addict
♥Teaching with TLC

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